Deidra Marie

Makeup Mishaps

Thanks to social media sights like instagram many women are beginning to experiment more with makeup, however sometimes it can go a little far. Are you making these mistakes with your makeup?

Over drawn brows


Eyebrows can be filled in a highlighted but a when overdone and it can make your eyebrows look to dark and wide. Also if you are trying to highlight with concealer. It is best to only apply it under the brow (unless is has been a while scene they have been shaped) and BLEND that concealer in.

Too much contour


Contour can be used to make certain facial features smaller or wider. It has become very popular as of late. Although the idea does not come straight from them drag queens have been using this method of makeup application to give themselves more feminine features. I mention them because many women are applying contour the same way except for us it is unnecessary since we already posses these features. Celebrates like Kim Kardashian have also use this method making it popular. For them this may work because of the cameras but in everyday life a little goes a long way.

Wearing the wrong shade of lipstick


Not saying that you cannot experiment just know when a color is and is not for you. Colors can also be modified for your skin tone by mixing with another color. Also just using a brown pencil around the lips (blend it in) helps the color to blend better.

Too much makeup period


Caked up makeup appears fake. Try to keep it as natural as possible for everyday. Also BLEND, BLEND, BLEND.

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